We aim to deliver excellent services for all of our customers – and we set targets to measure how we’re doing.

These performance measures help us achieve great results for our tenants, communities and our business.

One of the most important ways we measure how we’re performing is through our annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. This feedback from tenants is really important as it helps shape our future services.

We also record key business performance figures. We let customers know how Cube performs as a business each year in our Report to Tenants.

These figures are also reported to the Scottish Housing Regulator. You can find out more about the results we report to the Regulator in the Annual Return on the Charter.

Another way we judge our performance is through our awards and accreditations.

The majority of our performance measures are among the best in Scotland compared to other similar social housing landlords.

The tables below show some of the highlights from our Tenant Satisfaction Survey and recent performance results.

Satisfaction measured through our annual tenant survey2016/2017 survey2017/2018 survey% point changeChange
Tenants satisfied with the overall service provided by their landlord87%87%= 
Tenants who feel their landlord is good at keeping them informed about services and decisions88%92%+3 (3.22%) 
Tenants satisfied with the opportunities given to them to participate in their landlord’s decision making processes80%82%+2 
Existing tenants satisfied with the quality of their home93%90%-2 (2.43%) 
Tenants satisfied with the management of the neighbourhood they live in86%89%+4 (3.78%) 
Tenants who feel that the rent for their property represents good value for money73%75%+3 (2.6%) 

For more satisfaction results, read our annual Tenants Satisfaction Survey.

Satisfaction measured  throughout the year when receiving a service2016/2017
2017/2018 (Year to date)
Tenants who have had repairs or maintenance carried out in the last 12 months who are satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service 87.61%94.88%89%
Tenants satisfied with the standard of their home when moving in99.6%100%94.02%
Key performance measures2016/2017
2017/2018 (Year to date)
All complaints responded to in full within timescales96.32%99.21%96%

Calls to our customer service centre which were resolved at first point of contact

Percentage of calls to the customer service centre answered within 30 seconds67.15%73.66%73%
Average time taken to complete emergency repairs (hours) 2.522.713.5
Repairs appointments kept99.98%99.97%98.02%
Anti-social behaviour cases resolved within agreed timescales99.74%100%93.87%
New tenancies sustained for more than a year89.07%86.61%88%
Gross rent arrears as a % of rent due4.7%4.21%4.5%
Rent due lost through properties being empty0.3%0.63%0.6%
Average time to re-let properties (days)14.5815.2117
New-build completions – Social housing34240