Cube helps West Dunbartonshire schoolkids expand their horizons

Cube helped young people in West Dunbartonshire come together to celebrate citizenship and prepare for moving to a new school.

Cube is working with pupils to help youngsters moving schools.

Pupils from Jamestown, Haldane and St Kessog's primaries worked together on a year-long project called 'Our New Horizons'.

The project, funded by Cube, which is a member of Wheatley Group, saw the young people take part in a series of activities to help develop new friendships before the three schools move into one shared campus in Balloch next year.

The pupils took part in music and drama classes, outdoor activities including nature trails, anti-bullying workshops and theatre performances over the past year.

And they learned about being good citizens together in their new school.

The schools celebrated the end of the project with a performance by primary five pupils at Haldane Primary in front of a packed audience of parents and teachers, as well as Cube tenants and staff.

This year's primary five will be the senior pupils when the new school opens.

Karen Hollern, Haldane Primary head teacher, said: "We're grateful to Cube for funding for 'Our New Horizon' joint school project.

"The pupils worked in partnership on areas of drama, outdoor learning and science activities to develop skills in team-building, co-operation, creativity, resilience, confidence and citizenship.

"The children have loved the project and it encouraged them to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors."

Cube Chair Liz Ruine said: "We always want young people in our communities to fulfil their potential.

"The 'Our New Horizons' project was a great way for pupils to work together and learn about citizenship.

"I know how much the pupils are looking forward to the new school. It's an exciting time."

Pictured: Cube staff and tenants join pupils and teachers from Jamestown, Haldane and St Kessog's Primaries at the event at Haldane Primary last week.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016