Universal Credit - Arthur's story

A tenant has praised the support he got from Cube – and urged others to talk to their landlord straight away if they move on to Universal Credit.

Cube tenant Arthur Rodden says he got great support from Cube over Universal Credit

Arthur Rodden, from Wyndford, Glasgow, said he expects to be back in work soon after a short time on Universal Credit.

And although he is confident in using computers and knows how to budget, he says the help from Cube is a vital lifeline to people who may be struggling as they switch to Universal Credit.

Arthur, pictured with Cube housing officer Jill Meffan, highlighted the support in making sure tenants have the right documents for DWP interviews, help to get online and fill in their online journal, as well as help with budgeting while waiting for money to come through.

And he’s urging tenants to take advantage of the help available.

Here’s Arthur’s story

I was on job seekers’ allowance, but stopped claiming because I was due to start work.

But the job fell through, so I had to start claiming Universal Credit.

I work in the security business but it is quite precarious, so I’m in and out of work all the time.

My Housing Benefit was stopped and that’s when my welfare benefits advisor Angela phoned me. I can’t speak highly enough of Angela. I was really impressed.

She did all the spadework and made it quite straightforward. She is so professional.

She contacted the DWP for me, helped me fill in my application and helped set up an interview.

You need photographic ID and a copy of your birth certificate to start your claim.

It’s really important to have all these things in order or it means more delay. She made sure I had all that.

I’m quite confident with budgeting and how to make sure I have enough to pay my rent.

I’m pretty good on computers too – I use the Click & Connect centre at the Maryhill Hub and my local library a lot.

I know how to fill in my online journal, how to include jobs you’ve applied for and so on. But I know not everyone is the same.

Cube can help people with making sure they have the documents they need, with using computers, with budgeting. Cube will make it easy for you.

Angela was a big help, as was my job coach at the DWP.

Tenants need to speak to the DWP and listen to what they say.

Cube can help people get through the five or six weeks before their first payment comes in. I arranged an advanced payment, though I know it has to be paid back.

I know I’ll get work, so claiming benefits is short-term for me. I hope to be back working next month.

Cube couldn’t have been more helpful. They have been nothing but positive

My message to tenants is to talk to Cube – and talk to the DWP as well. They are there to help.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019