Around your home

We're helping make communities great. Read all about the ways we are changing Cube neighbourhoods for the better.

Cube tenant outside her home

From improving green areas around our homes to new close lighting and controlled entry systems.

We're making Cube communities places tenants are proud to call home.

Read all about the big improvements we are making around your flats and houses.

Around your home

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Wyndford estate, GlasgowEnvironmental improvements£1,884,0703912017/2018
Broomhill, GlasgowNew lighting in the common areas of the multi-storeys£850,3935102017/2018
Broomhill, GlasgowPainted common areas£199,3125102017/2018
Broomhill, GlasgowNew-look landings£365,2475102017/2018
Broomhill, GlasgowUpgrade to foyers£754,4815102017/2018
Haldane, Castlehill and Hawthornhill, West DunbartonshireExternal wall insulation and upgrades to roofs£3,479,3841032017/2018
Wyndford estate and Broomhill, GlasgowNew roof edges£27,3032522017/2018
Milton, GlasgowImprovements to common areas£20,000142017/2018
Milton, GlasgowPainted windows and doors£65,000332017/2018
Various areasUpgrades to controlled entry systems £50,000-2017/2018
Wyndford estate and Collina Street, GlasgowUpgrades to the bin stores£13,9103922017/2018
Planned investments projects for 2018/19:    
Broomhill, GlasgowEnvironmental improvements£500,0005102018/2019
Wyndford, Maryhill (low-rise blocks)Communal lighting upgrade£426,0002502018/2019
Gorget, Knightswood (8-storey blocks)Communal lighting upgrade£205,000962018/2019
Broomhill, Glasgow (8-storey blocks)Common areas upgrade£227,000962018/2019
Gorget, Knightswood (8-storey blocks)Common areas upgrade£227,000962018/2019
Wyndford, MaryhillCCTV upgrade£250,00019002018/2019