Sustainablity projects

Our projects are helping cut fuel bills - and helping the environment.

We know rising gas and electricity bills are a real worry for tenants of all ages. That's why we use the latest technologies to keep bills down.

The great news is that these energy schemes are also better for the environment.

District heating schemes

Cube is cutting fuel bills and transforming communities through a £10.6 million project in three Glasgow neighbourhoods.

The improvements at Broomhill, Gorget in Knightswood and Collina Street in Maryhill include new district heating schemes and external insulation.

The project was delivered in partnership with British Gas as part of its Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

The Broomhill scheme was part-funded with a £5 million SPRUCE Fund loan. The remaining £5.6 million for the overall project came from ECO funding through British Gas.


Improvements at homes in Broomhill included new external wall insulation and a district heating system which the Spruce Fund loan helped finance.

The district heating system serves over 700 homes in the Broomhill area, making them warmer and drier and helping reduce fuel bills for tenants.

The district heating system, which provides homes with heating and hot water, is powered by a central energy centre near 5 Broomhill Lane. It involved laying 4,500 metres of pipework to link each of the 18-storey and eight-storey blocks to the energy centre.

The biomass heating system runs on wood pellets rather than a fossil fuels system.


The district heating system at Gorget in Knightswood is powered by a central energy centre built near 9 Gorget Quadrant.

It involved laying 350 metres of pipework to link each of the three eight-storey blocks to the energy centre.

This biomass heating system, which runs on wood pellets, serves 96 homes.

Collina Street, Maryhill

A similar district heating scheme in Collina Street in Maryhill serves 112 homes.

Wyndford, Maryhill

The three schemes follow a programme to renovate around 1,900 homes on the Wyndford Estate in Glasgow and fit a district heating system.

The district heating system - and new overcladding to 17 multi-storey flats - was part of a £27 million scheme.

Cube worked with partners SSE and British Gas to create an energy centre which provides hot water and heating for more than 1500 tenanted homes and 360 privately owned homes.

The energy centre was officially opened by then First Minister Alex Salmond in November 2014.