How we rent homes

The way we rent homes is open, clear and fair. Our homes are let to the people who need them most.

You’ll have a say in where you live and the type of home you live in. You’ll be placed in a Applicant Group which reflects your housing need. If you don’t agree with your Applicant Group – or if there are changes in your life – we’ll be happy to look again at your case.

Our available flats and houses for rent are advertised each week on Home Finder.

What are the seven Applicant Groups?

We have seven different Applicant Groups to reflect your housing need.

  • Group 1:
    Applicants with no housing need priority.
  • Group 2:
    Applicants referred by their local authority and applicants with multiple needs who need to be re-housed urgently.
  • Group 3:
    Applicants with non-mobility medical need, overcrowding, or living in accommodation below the tolerable standard.
  • Group 4:
    Applicants who need to live in an area, for example carer support, education or employment.
  • Group 5:
    Applicants who have a medical priority for mobility reasons.
  • Group 6:
    For Cube tenants who are under-occupying and wish to move to a smaller home.
  • Group 7:
    Applicants aged 60 or over who have been assessed as requiring sheltered or very sheltered accommodation.

What if several people note an interest in the same home?

Homes are offered to the person who has been waiting longest in that Applicant Group.

If no-one from the right Group notes an interest, the home it offered to the person who noted interest and who has been waiting longest.

Our ‘Immediately available’ houses on Home Finder are open to people in all Applicant Groups. Our Allocations Policy explains more about how we rent our homes.