Green team keeps Glasgow community looking great

Cube Environmental Support Manager Phil Leonard explains how our NETs are keeping Wyndford and Broomhill green and clean.

Neighbourhood Environmental Team blitz Glasgow community

Cube’s Neighbourhood Environmental Teams (NETs) are out and about in the Wyndford and Broomhill neighbourhoods in Glasgow keeping the areas looking spick and span.

Around your home

Our onsite staff are carrying out environmental works, cutting grass, cutting hedges and removing weeds as well as their core duties of cleaning, de-littering, safety patrols and CCTV operation.

In your block

We've now brought the cleaning service in-house – with landing and brass polishing added to the service.

Homes not in our multi-storeys receive a weekly cleaning service. Our teams are targeting deep cleaning needs and power-washing closes and stairs.


We’ve introduced a nightshift which carries out patrols of our homes, keeps our residents secure, reports repairs, deals with anti-social behaviour, carries out ad-hoc cleans, removes fly tipping and bulk rubbish across the estates.

Do you need one of these services? Please call us on 0141 274 8980.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018