My Money service helps Wyndford tenant

Tenant Alasdair MacMahon from Wyndford, in Maryhill, describes the help and support he got from Cube’s new My Money service.

My MOney is a vital service for Cube tenants

I realised I needed help with my debt when I started feeling pain in the leg I had amputated 25 years ago.

It’s called phantom pain and is quite common among amputees. If you’re under stress your body will tell you – and my debt was starting to put a strain on my health.

I had to stop working in 2016 because of my disability and now I claim job seekers allowance, with a disability premium.

I was struggling. I owed around £6,000. That included council tax arrears, the cost of my mum’s funeral, some rent arrears and other things. I was looking for support, some help to get things under control.

I started the ball rolling by talking to Cube. It was a big relief, a real weight off my mind. It’s so important for tenants to talk. People can be afraid sometimes, or think if they ignore a problem it will go away. But if tenants don’t talk to Cube, then how can Cube help?

I sat down with My Money advisor Sean. He made sure my creditors were contacted, helped me arrange repayment plans and fill in forms. Now I’m on top of the budgeting.

My payments come in every second Thursday and I know how much has to be set aside and where it’s going.  I have to pay for heating, electricity, food, my TV licence and other things.

I got great guidance from Sean and the team. He didn’t just visit me once – he made follow-up calls to check I was okay.

I know I have a regular person there to help. He’s fighting on my behalf, someone who cares about my situation. He backs me up. I don’t have to face things on my own.

Cube are very responsive – but it’s so important for tenants to talk to Cube. I know I can pop into the Cube office and someone there will help. If Cube don’t know tenants are struggling with money, how can they help?

Thursday, August 16, 2018