Improved NETs service in Dumbarton

Cube Environmental Support Manager Phil Leonard looks at how our Neighbourhood Environmental Teams (NETs) in Dumbarton have started the grass cutting service to keep our communities looking neat and tidy.

Neighbourhood Environmental Team

We’ve extended the grass cutting season following feedback from customers. The season previously finished in September, but in recent years the grass has needed cut as late as October. We will keep cutting as long as the grass keeps growing.

During the winter period we used the time to prepare for the growing season. We filled flower beds with chipped bark to reduce weed growth; where required we used a sand and cement mix to prevent weed growth between paved areas, and we trimmed back hedgerows and large shrub beds.

Our NETs also apply weed spray three times a year to reduce weed growth and make our areas as pleasant as possible.

Within the Ladyton and Nobleston estates, our NETs are responsible for maintaining sections of land in the communities. West Dunbartonshire Council also has responsibilities in these areas.

Who is responsible in Ladyton and Nobleston?


  • We’re responsible for the grassed areas within the estates.
  • We have responsibility for some parking spaces.
  • We’ll do our best to clear any fly tipping.

West Dunbartonshire Council:

  • Paths and stairwells in the estate are maintained by West Dunbartonshire Council.
  • The Council also weed sprays the walkways and stairs and de-litters them.
  • All roads within the estates are the responsibility of the Council.
  • Bulk uplifts should be arranged through the Council.

If you’re unsure as to whether it’s Cube or West Dunbartonshire Council which is responsible for an issue in Ladyton or Nobleston then please get in touch with our team leaders. You’ll find their details below.

Cube has also recently introduced a new night mobile service. This is available seven nights a week by calling 0141 274 8980.

This service deals with incidents of anti-social behaviour. Our team records details of incidents which happen at night and passes them to the relevant officers for action.

The night mobile team provides security patrols when alerted of incidents and assists with out-of-hours requests, for example hazardous fly tipping.

If you have an emergency request which cannot wait then please contact our team leaders. We can arrange a visit from the rapid response team.

Contact details:

Cube - Team Leaders:

West Dunbartonshire Council:

Check out below some of the environmental improvements we’ve made in Ladyton and Nobleston.

Thursday, May 24, 2018