Investment work will help transform West Dunbartonshire homes

We've been working hard to improve homes and communities in West and East Dunbartonshire.

Cube is transforming homes in Nobleston

More than 100 homes in Haldane, Castlehill and Hawthornhill in West Dunbartonshire are feeling the benefits of new external wall insulation and major roof improvements.

Cube has spent almost £3.5m on the project, which will make tenants’ homes there warmer and easier to heat.

Cube’s David MacKenzie said: “The work we are doing installing external wall insulation on these homes will help cut tenants’ fuel bills and make the homes more energy efficient for many years to come.”

Meanwhile, Cube has also spent £50,000 upgrading controlled entry systems on homes across our communities.

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Monday, September 03, 2018