Neighbourhood services

We want tenants to be proud of where they live and to enjoy living in safe, clean and tidy communities.

Neighbourhood Environmental Team apprentice

We've also invested a lot of money in our homes and we want them to look great for years to come.

Our Neighbourhood Environmental Teams (NETs) play a huge role in making this happen.

The NETs deliver services each week to more than 4500 customers living in our tenements and multi-storeys.

It's quick and easy to report issues in your neighbourhood using a My Cube account. On My Cube, you can let us know about:

  • stair cleaning
  • back court maintenance
  • and much more to help keep your neighbourhood spick and span.

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What services are provided by the NETs?

Common areas team:

We brush and vacuum the stairs, remove any bulk items and clean paths and bin areas each week.

During the summer months, we cut back courts and large grassy patches.

The multi-storey team:

We clean foyers and lifts, de-litter and carry out patrols during the day.

All our multi-storey flats have secure door access. They are fitted with security cameras to help keep tenents safe.

Do you cut trees?

The arborist team cuts back or removes dead or diseased trees from our properties or open spaces owned by Cube. They also cut back trees which are a risk to the public or to our buildings.

What other services are available?

NETs can also:

  • remove fly tipping
  • clean small areas of graffiti
  • cut hedges and gardens
  • carry out weed spraying.

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