Universal Credit

Are you on Universal Credit? Don't worry alone.

Universal Credit - we're with you all the way

Get in touch with your housing officer straight away. We can help.

If your circumstances change and you need to claim Universal Credit, do it quickly so your first payment isn't delayed. We'll help you make a claim and offer support till your first payment comes in.

You'll also need to go online and have an email address. We can help you get online.

Your Universal Credit money will get paid into a bank account. Don't have one? We'll help you set one up.

Remember, your money needs to stretch for a month - but don't worry. We can help you budget. Find our more ways we can help below.

Universal Credit - Changes to rent

It's your responsibility to update your journal with changes to your rent.

Universal Credit and welfare benefits FAQs

Do you have a question about Universal Credit or welfare benefits? Check out our FAQs.

Universal Credit - What is it?

What is Universal Credit? Find out here - and what impact it will have on you.

Universal Credit - How we can help you

Universal Credit - Find out we can help tenants who move on to Universal Credit.

Universal Credit - Arthur's story

A tenant has praised the support he got from Cube – and urged others to talk to their landlord straight away if they move on to Universal Credit.

Universal Credit - Cheryl's story

Cheryl got support when she moved on to Universal Credit. We can help you too.

Pension Credit changes

Pension Credit is changing in May - are you ready?

Universal Credit - Get online for free

You'll need an email and to be online. Get online for free at our Click & Connect computer centres.

Warnings over fake Universal Credit claim scam

Fraudsters are targeting people with fake government loans and grants.

Coronavirus and claiming benefits

Are you on or going on to Universal Credit? Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus information from the DWP.